Sammy and Grammy
in Downtown Savannah
Maxine Pinson

About the Author

About the Illustrator

Maxine Pinson​​
Amy Moreno
  ​     Maxine Pinson has lived in the Historic District of Savannah, GA with her husband, Bill, since his graduation from law school in 1972. Maxine has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Armstrong State College, where she also took post-graduate courses in journalism, technical writing, and speech. She participated in the Extended Campus Program of Union Presbyterian Seminary-PSCE, in Richmond, VA, between 1999-2003.        Involved in varied forms of publishing since 1978, she served as Publisher/Editor of Savannah Parent newsmagazine (1990-95); Publisher/Editor of The INNside Scoop (a nationally distributed newsletter) and a travel writer/restaurant reviewer (1995-2010); an associate editor of BedandBreakfast.com; designer of numerous websites; a columnist for a national B&B marketing magazine; author of INNside Scoop book (2002); and the co-author (with her daughter, Malyssa) of three sold-out editions of Lowcountry Cookbook and Travel Guide (2002-2005).
   Maxine enjoys reading, traveling, relaxing in her courtyard, sharing stories, spending time with the special people in her life, and—of course—watching Sammy, the little rascal that “Papa” (hubby Bill) talked “Grammy” into coming out-of-retirement to write a book about!

     A talented fine artist and illustrator, who lives in Virginia, Amy Cullings Moreno has over 30 years experience in the field.  She studied commercial art under Rob Howard at Butera School of Art in Boston, MA. Amy is a copyist at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, and she  is currently studying portrait painting under Ted Reed at The Art League in Alexandria, VA. In addition to being a live event painter, Amy also specializes as a portrait artist and in whimsical illustrations for children’s books.
 "I was delighted when my friend, Amy Moreno, agreed
 to create the art for Sammy and Grammy, as she has for  other books and publications of mine in the past.”
                                                                —Maxine Pinson  

Graphic Designer/Consultant

​​Christian Simard​​​

Based in Quebec, Canada, Christian Simard has a keen eye-for-detail, and he is an excellent graphic designer. I also worked with Christian on three previous books, and when I decided to write Sammy and Grammy, I knew he was the designer/consultant I wanted to work with again.
​                                              — Maxine Pinson

Special Acknowlegements
​from the Author

 the inspiration for it all!

   I would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to the special friends who provided ongoing encouragement for me to write Sammy and Grammy, in addition to the meaningful support they provided throughout the process of completing this project. I shall not forget!​​

My family, the "Heartbeat of my Life"

One of these special friends, Judith (a neighbor and dear friend, who is referenced in my book), presented me this adorable replica of "Sammy" following a celebratory autumn dinner she hosted prior to my knee surgery. On the attached card, seen in photo above, Judith penned: "For Maxine, in honor of Sammy and Grammy."

      Most of all, I want to thank my husband, Bill, and our daughter, Malyssa, for cheering me on all the way. Hearing grandson Ayele laughing aloud, as he read my completed Shutterfly copy of Sammy and Grammy  in our walled garden, resurrected my waning energy level as I watched granddaughter Celia (named in memory of the daughter we lost to cancer in 1998, the one who introduced me to writing) singing and swinging. Their belief in me kept me trodding onward, even through a disruptive and unpleasant knee replacement surgery in the midst of it all. --Maxine Pinson


Bill, Celia, Malyssa, Ayele

Left: Photograph of our daughter, Malyssa, and her children, Ayele and Celia, featured in the Mother's Day 2017 edition of The Savannah Morning News as the Winner of the "Mommy and Me" contest.

Right:​​ Enjoying lunch at one of our favorite restaurants on Mother's Day, the delightful restaurant of a long-time friend's son.

reading forerunner copy 
of Sammy and Grammy

swinging after playing under
​sprinkler on a hot summer day

"After" Note: In acknowledging and expressing my very deep gratitude to SO many who have encouraged me-- and in significant, tangible ways helped promote--with this project, I would be remiss to not mention the contagious
enthusiasm of some of the first individuals, total strangers, placing online book orders.
     Among those comments, which I will cherish most, are those made by the individual (another grammy!) placing an order for her grandchildren, great nieces, and then posting information on her personal Facebook page encouraging all of her friends to do the same! The easiest physical therapy session I had, following my knee replacement, was after reading this special lady's comments! See excerpt below:

Oh Maxine!
     I am so excited about your book!  My grandchildren are going to LOVE it!  And to have it come right from our beloved Savannah!  They’ll be looking for Sammy every time we go downtown! 

     I know S&G is going to be very successful!  --TW