Sammy and Grammy
in Downtown Savannah
Maxine Pinson

Marty A. Barnes

What Makes​​
Sammy and Grammy
​a unique children's book?
    Not only is this a story about a devilish little squirrel that will make children, as well as adults, laugh out loud, but it also incorporates rich Southern lingo and valuable “life lessons” to be gleaned. In addition, Sammy and Grammy provides a “sneak peek” into what it is like living inside of one of Savannah’s “tall houses,” as tourists often refer to Savannah’s Historic District’s nineteenth century townhouses and row homes. And, of course, lots of action takes place, with Sammy, within the Pinson’s walled “secret garden!”

      Below are some of the words and phrases providing hints to “life lessons” others say they have learned from Sammy and Grammy.  An “Ask Grammy” e-address is even included in this book so that children may share their own personal thoughts about what they have learned from this book and/or ask “Grammy” for photos of the real Sammy.

   “Hint” words include: appreciation, showing off, greediness versus sharing, making mistakes and apologizing, forgiveness, respect, arrogance, awareness, valuing what is important to others, encouragement, enjoying life in one’s own backyard, caring about and enjoying God’s critters and creation, the enjoyment of sharing time together.

   ​​  "Pick up this book and meet Sammy, the clever, funny and ornery squirrel who entertains and often baffles a family with his antics. I know Sammy will charm you, because I met him one afternoon in a secret Savannah garden and witnessed his feats of derring-do. But Sammy and the family also learn some very important life lessons.
     A delightful read for children and parents."

  --Marty A. Barnes is a former writing professor,            newspaper reporter, managing editor; freelance writer, novelist, and a part-time history tour guide and docent at The Davenport House in Savannah, GA.

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Included at end of Book to Promote
Discussion with Children...


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of S&G Have to SAY about this Book!

Excerpts from Notes Written to Author of "Sammy & Grammy"
by third-graders after Maxine Pinson read her book to them on
"World Read Aloud Day" (see photo on home page)

 Thank you for coming to our school to read your amazing book for "World Read Aloud Day." Your book is really, really good, and I wish you had another book you could read aloud to us. If you do have a second book to read to us, I know it will be great because of how awesome the first one is. --K
Thank you for coming to our school to read to us. Was it hard to do the book, because the book is great and fun. I really enjoyed the book and wish you would read it to us again. --A   

Thank you for reading your book to us and to me. It is really good. I like it a lot. I love it so good that I want my own book, and I love it so good that I want to make my own book. Thank you.  --K.
Thank you so much for coming to read to us. I like your book a lot. I want to read it again, and I want my very own book. --C
​I would like to thank you for reading us that wonderful book. I found it very interesting.  --B   
It is so cool and nice  you read to us, even though you didn’t have to. The book is so good , and I want my own copy. It is so good. Thank you. —L

 Thank you for making the book Sammy and Grammy. I really like your book, and I would love a copy of it. You are super good at making life books about what has hap- pened in your life, so please make more because I enjoyed Sammy and Grammy. So, keep making books so you can read them to people. —H ​

 Thank you for reading that wonderful book. That was the best story ever. I hope you make another book and read it to the 3rd grade again! —A
 I think your book is the best. I’m really happy you came to read this special book of yours. Thank you for coming to our school. --H

Thank you for coming on “World Read Aloud Day.” I love your book that you read on “World Read Aloud Day.” I would give the book a huge, huge, huge smiley face. I love your book so much. It inspires me to write my own book!                                                                                            --S
 I love the book you made. It is unique and wonderful. Thank you so, so, so, so much for coming. I love your book better than Dog Man, and those are popular books. But yours is more popular, and Sammy is so cute. I love it! I like how you made it creative, and I hope you make more books.  —A


​For those "in-the-know,"
"Thank you" notes are never passe...

When Ellie, from upstate New York, received a copy of "Sammy and Grammy
in Downtown Savannah" from a friend of her grandparents in Savannah, GA, 
Ellie graciously sent her giver the heart-warming, hand-written "thank you" note shown above. Ellie thanked her friend, and "Grammy" thanks Ellie for the wonderful example of showing gratitude (an important life lesson to be learned from Sammy) in such a special way.